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CoD Black Ops 2 Unlimited Ammo Hack + Tutorial

As normal with a few games like CoD I try out & see if it could be hacked so I can change my ammo count & other values within the game, Yes allot of people dislike hackers & I don’t use this hacking method online as I play fair & still get top of the board in most games 😀

Here is a recent video of me using Unlimited ammo on an solo zombie mode

Hacking Tutorial

Note this method requires editing parts of your systems RAM value & can be very dangerous & cause a system crash, use at your own risk.

I use a tool called “TSearch” what is a RAM Value editor that can be used it near enough any program that runs on your computer, not just limited to games.

Download TSearch from this page

The way it works is you search for a value e.g. You ammo count in a gun (e.g. 30) It will return lots of results as 30 is a common number, because it has returned so many results you want to try to get the result down to a small number as you can, so after you have found its results you want to click “Search next” before you enter the next value you want to go back on your game & change the number (e.g. by shooting a few shots till your left with 27 ammo) then search for “27”, this will return less values that what you had to start with. Keep doing this till you have under 30 results tops.

See images + written parts to go with the images as a tutorial.

First you will need to open TSearch (You can download it from the above link)

Once open click the “Open Process” icon, then find the game you wish to hack, in my case “t6zm.exe” (CoD BO2 Zombies)

Now as you are in game, get the weapon or numeric value you want to change, in this example i will change the pistol ammo (See Picture below, Ammo Count 8/32)

Now press the “Search icon” (As seen in the red box in the top left) Then search for the value, in this example “8”

After clicking the “OK” button when you have entered your value, it will search for all values with that number & return a list of results (In this case 42)

As there are too many results (Changing values when having too many results can result in a system or program crash)
Go back in game & change the value (e.g. shoot a bullet, so now we have 7 Ammo left

Now this time click the “Search Next” button, this will keep your current search results & only search from that list it found, this time we search for “7” what is the live value in game.

Repeat this process until you have a small number of results.

As you can see in the image below I have got the results down to “31” I now click “Add all results” (See the green + icon circled in red”) It has now added all results to the editing window.

This will add all your values into the editor table, here you can adjust the values of each of them, but be warned this is live data & it can cause a system/game error if you mess with live data. That’s why it is best to “Pause” the value by clicking on the smiley face button, then you can either leave it pause or change to what you want. ( I normally leave mine paused, that’s why you don’t see my amount count change, hence unlimited ammo

In This case I have changed the ammo count to “99” & Paused it by pressing the Smiley icon

Now go back to the game (you may have to shoot for it to refresh the value, then it should have changed XD (See Below for proof / Our Hacking Video)

Or change money for example (Using the process above) See changed it to “2047” for 2047Games 😛

You can use this tool to change other values e.g. Grenades, Score, Kills / Deaths etc… or any other numeric value in any game like Skill points & Money for Borderlands for example.

Another sneaky thing you can do with this tool, if you are hosting a LAN game or either online game, you can use this to edit values of other players (Yes that’s right other players online, but you need to know their numbers e.g. their ammo count what is hard to work out when you don’t know.

I have tried this on a LAN game with friends & i did get it so i could control how many rounds was in each clip of their gun 😀 & set their ammo to 0 or some 😛