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Crysis 3 Playthrough

I pre-ordered Crysis 3 as I loved the previous two games they made, always stand out from the crowd in a league of their own.

I aim to do a full play-though of this game like I have done for a few other games over my time so far on YouTube.

So far the game is great, its a bit hard to find out where you left off from Crysis 2 & start in Crysis 3, seems almost no connection until you dive deeper into the game & get part of the way through it. The story is meaning full & you do feel part of the story in how it is played out.

The idea of having it so you can choose how you will play the game is great, not having to always stick by objectives, having the freedom of doing it your own way, you don’t even have to kill anyone if you don’t want to. At the time of writing this I am on Video 20 what seems just over half way through as we have meet the SETH & are still dealing with some CELL, there is quite allot of new enemies to deal with what are allot stronger than previous enemies in the other games, they are much smarter, strong & faster (yet you can most of the time pick up their weapons after you kill them, which is awesome as they are really powerful)

Feel free to watch through my play-thought of the game, I do my normal commentary of the game with my reviews as I go along.

Here is the first video, the rest can be found on our YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/corbx2009