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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Playthrough

Well here we are, i Pre Ordered Sniper 2 a few months ago as i really enjoyed the first game as it was original style of game dedicated to good sniper shooting rather than a fast paced action shooter.

The only issue i had was having to wait just over a week for it to be released what was annoying because i piad extra for super fast shipping.

The game on 1st looks seems great, the detail / graphics are far more updated than the previous game yet they retain the same style of map design as well as keeping the same style of gameplay. Without this i feel the game would be lost & not a part of the series.

I will do a full playthough of the game showing it live as i am playing it for the first time.

Feel free to watch through my play-thought of the game, I do my normal commentary of the game with my reviews as I go along.

Here is the first two videos, the rest can be found on our YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/corbx2009

New Servers being launched for 2047Games

2047Games will be re-launching some new servers over the coming weeks.

You may notice the Our Servers section on our website slowly growing again to show a selection of our servers.

We have never really advertised a full / big list of our servers as they are mostly all public servers (So people find them via the in game server browser or auto join )

We aim to have a selection of game servers for the popular online PC games over the coming weeks.

Suggestions are always welcome from any members of the group as we try to aim to provide servers for our Gaming group / the public.