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GTAV – Play-through – PS3

Well as I said, I have only done 1 PS3 vid before I think (Was on Just Cause 2 when you could record in game without a PVR)

GTAV is going very well, I am enjoying playing it as I haven’t played GTA on Console for years now.

The game is very good & seems like there is way more to do than you think (as you keep finding new things to do each time you drive around)

The missions are slow to start of with as you are finding your feet & building a storyline with each of the 4 characters.

The money is also slow to start with, so you can’t go & buy fancy cars just yet, but you can still go & steal some to collect in your garages.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Playthrough

Well here we are, i Pre Ordered Sniper 2 a few months ago as i really enjoyed the first game as it was original style of game dedicated to good sniper shooting rather than a fast paced action shooter.

The only issue i had was having to wait just over a week for it to be released what was annoying because i piad extra for super fast shipping.

The game on 1st looks seems great, the detail / graphics are far more updated than the previous game yet they retain the same style of map design as well as keeping the same style of gameplay. Without this i feel the game would be lost & not a part of the series.

I will do a full playthough of the game showing it live as i am playing it for the first time.

Feel free to watch through my play-thought of the game, I do my normal commentary of the game with my reviews as I go along.

Here is the first two videos, the rest can be found on our YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/corbx2009

Borderlands 2 – Full Class Unlocks

Recently we have been uploading some Borderlands 2 Videos as the game was launched not too long ago. We have played on all of the 5 classes you now can play as in the game. We have created a short video of playing as that class when you have all the features fully unlocked.


Here we are with the Commando class, my top class mainly because of the turrets, the fact that you can just deploy these where you want & then just run along to deal with other things is just great, The added shields are brilliant if you need to get out of the line of fire.

Once fully unlocked, these turrets deal a large amount of damage that is slagged, they cause nuclear explosions when deployed that can sometimes kill things before they even have a chance to shoot.

The video shows how I use this class.


This is the Mechromancer class, the newest class for Borderlands 2, this class is one if not the top class that i enjoy playing as. Mainly because you get a robot (Deathtrap) that hovers round & goes off killing / attacking things on its own. So it is helpful for reducing the attack load that is on you at the time.

This skill seems to last the longest, as you can increase the time that is lasts by killing people, much like other classes.

Its main attack is a melee attack with its claws yet it can fire a lightning bolt from its chest to shoot at things far away like Rakks 😛

See video for more detail


In this video i show / review the class GunZerker, after using cheats / modifying the game to make it so that i had loads of level up points i have unlocked all the skills for each character.

In this short video i show how the Gunzerker acts when he has full skillset unlocks. The Gunzerkers main skill is that he can use 2 guns at one time (Any 2 guns e.g. 2 Snipers or Rocket launchers.

Once you get full unlocks you can have effects such as unlimited ammo (Ammo self regenerates as you are using your special effect, increased firing speed, accuracy, damage & all the normal perks you would expect like movement speed & self healing on kill.

This is one of my least favourite classes because of the skill he has is quite limited its basically the same as normal but with duel guns, but he is still a great character if you want to be right in the action.


In this video i show / review the class Siren, after using cheats / modifying the game to make it so that i had loads of level up points i have unlocked all the skills for each character.

In this short video i show how the Siren is when you have everything unlocked, the main feature of her skills is that you can use it on other enemies to turn them against their own side, if the skill is still active but the enemy dies it will seek out another person to control. While you are controlling them it also does random effect damage what slowly kills them off.

You also get a spinning whirlpool like thing that you can send out across the area you are in what will slag damage nearby people as shown / explained in the video.


In this video i show / review the class Zero, after using cheats / modifying the game to make it so that i had loads of level up points i have unlocked all the skills for each character.

In this short video i show how the Zero acts when having full skillset unlocked. His main skill effect is where he creates ghosts of himself to distract the enemies with giving you time to move around, get a better spot or just get behind them ready to strike. When you unlock everything these ghosts deal damage when deployed / end, you also deal increased amounts of damage the sooner you are to the end of using your skill.

You also get the same Anarchy style stackable damage points what can be stacked up to 999 but you have to be using a sniper to get this.

You get the same sort of things you do with other classes with full unlocked, increased damage, speed, effect etc… As shown in the video.