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Minecraft My World Download

Well I have been doing Minecraft Videos for AGES now, I started playing Minecraft WAY before it was popular, i was shocked on how fast it took off & now millions of people around the world play it.

I started playing Minecraft when it was in Alpha, then it went to Beta for AGES now its in release!

My most popular map I have used since Alpha was my “World 5” map, This is a Very Rare map as there was hardly any people playing Alpha (Prob a few thousand at most) So to find a person that still has their original Map from the game is very rare, you may notice in the map (this is the cool part) where you spawn, it is map generated content from Alpha & as you explore out further from the map you will find you go through the stages & new content that was added.

I have allot of great designs on this map that i have built to show people online, it has a one of a kind transport system that I have never seen done before.

All of my major creations are linked up using multiple transport systems from above & underground train & walkway systems as well as my Portal Transport system, where you can pop into the nether quickly run to the next portal & pop out in another place far away in the normal world.