BioShock Burial At Sea Video Series

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GTAV - PS3 - Video Series

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Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea

Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Part 1 Videos

Well i noticed BioShock was downloading a 6GB Update, so i thought this must be the new DLC (As it did do a 200mb update the week before)

I did skip recording the first 15-20mins of it, as it was mostly cutscenes / playthrough storyline bits (not that exciting, unarmed for most of the start)

The way they have made Rapture into the new BioShock has worked really well, the style does fit yet the time period does seems slightly older than the main game (you will notice a few of the weapons / machines / background level design (just my thoughts)

You really have to play at least the main game for any of this to start to make sence, but as you find out you are in a different “Tear” or dimention it really messes with your mind & even i got lost with the story line as it doesnt fully follow from the previous game, Elizabeth has no connection to you in this dimention yet she is still your helpful companion.

This Part 1 DLC is actully quite short, so it only worked out to fit into 3 15mins videos, so maybe the next part will be a big bigger.

Playing using the Max Game Settings

Sorry about my voice settings on this one, seems i may have had some VoiceFX settings still on making me sound a bit like a robot in a way.

GTAV – Play-through – PS3

Well as I said, I have only done 1 PS3 vid before I think (Was on Just Cause 2 when you could record in game without a PVR)

GTAV is going very well, I am enjoying playing it as I haven’t played GTA on Console for years now.

The game is very good & seems like there is way more to do than you think (as you keep finding new things to do each time you drive around)

The missions are slow to start of with as you are finding your feet & building a storyline with each of the 4 characters.

The money is also slow to start with, so you can’t go & buy fancy cars just yet, but you can still go & steal some to collect in your garages.

2047Games MC : Mod Server Coming Soon!

In this video I will be showing you our new server 2047Games MC : Mod Server which I am really excited for, you can request for white-list from the email address at the bottom of the description and request any game mods on the comments.

Email Address:
IP: (Server is White-Listed)

Poker 2 – Night at the Inventory – Tournament Win

Well here we are, sorry for the no upload recently, been very busy with random stuff mainly with 2047Servers.

Well as i said in the video i brought Poker 2 a while ago (pre order) it only came out a few days ago & i do like it, much like i did before.

This is my first time playing Poker 2 & i actually won the first round (maybe luck of the cards)

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Playthrough

Well here we are, i Pre Ordered Sniper 2 a few months ago as i really enjoyed the first game as it was original style of game dedicated to good sniper shooting rather than a fast paced action shooter.

The only issue i had was having to wait just over a week for it to be released what was annoying because i piad extra for super fast shipping.

The game on 1st looks seems great, the detail / graphics are far more updated than the previous game yet they retain the same style of map design as well as keeping the same style of gameplay. Without this i feel the game would be lost & not a part of the series.

I will do a full playthough of the game showing it live as i am playing it for the first time.

Feel free to watch through my play-thought of the game, I do my normal commentary of the game with my reviews as I go along.

Here is the first two videos, the rest can be found on our YouTube Channel –