2047Games New Website for 2013

2047Games will be starting the new year of with a new redesigned website for 2013.

Our new website will be simular to some of our other sites from the2047group in a blog / news format, this way we can promote more of our latest items on our website rather than a design like our old website that was an archive of things that we have done.

We will have regular updates from 2047Games from our 2047G Admins.

By having a blog site, we can let our fans know about what is going on with the group, upcoming events, news, video updates along with many other items.

We will look at migrating some of the content from our old site to the new site.

On our new site we will be promoting more of our own generated content from gaming files, mods, maps, wallpapers, custom music & much more.

Feel free to sign up to our new website for full access on content + the ability to add your own comments to our site.